Steve Roffey

The service provided by Pavel and his team was first class (as always), from the preparation to the finished coat of paint. Every aspect within the construction phase was made easy for me as a site manager. His team were well mannered, professional, adhered to all the site rules and safety policies and above all were very friendly and easy to approach with any concerns towards their work.

Unfortunately working in a market driven by price I will not always be able to have the services of Lucas as someone will always be cheaper, something I cannot control. I am a firm believer you pay for what you get. You get great finishes and expert workmanship from Lucas and I always put their name forward when asked, who do we want for the decoration package, by the QS’s or Project Manager.

Paul Jearum and Pavel have a great understanding of my and GallifordTry’s need for us to maintain client satisfaction, long may it continue.

Position: Site Manager

Company: Galliford Try

Project: 5D Wandsworth Riverside

Date: 15th September 2015