Nazareno Crea and Oscar Bauer

Position: Designers

Company: &

Project: Angel Lane, Stratford, East London

Date: 22 October 2010

Being artists, working together with specialists is always an adventure, most of the time artists and contractors don't speak the same language. In this case for the realisation of the painting over the parapets of Angel Lane bridge in Stratford, we, as Oscar Bauer and Nazareno Crea, have been extremely lucky to meet such interesting people from Lucas. The entire process of creation of the idea we came up with, was supported and developed together with such attention and expertise as we never experienced before. The Lucas team of people showed a very particular interest in our comments, as well as providing us extremely important suggestions and input to create a masterpiece more than a simple art piece. In other words from both the human and the professional aspect the Lucas company is a remarkably attentive and qualitative partner, that made our collaboration a very pleasant journey!