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Mace Interview

In business, you tend to know when you’re onto a good thing.

Since the mid 90s, our relationship with Mace Group has been one that we have watched flourish and develop to encompass a number of exciting projects, including The Shard, The Savoy Hotel and Café Royal.

As an internationally renowned consultancy and construction company, Mace have been offering integrated services in commercial, retail, sport, leisure and residential sectors since 1990. Originally led by Ian McPherson, who left Bovis Homes with a handpicked group of construction and architecture professionals, they aimed to bring some more collaborative ways of working into the traditionally combative construction industry.

Now spearheaded by Executive Chairman Stephen Pycroft and Mark Reynolds CEO, they have made their reputation on working with the very best in the industry time and time again.

“We like to have people that align with the Mace vision; customer satisfaction, giving confidence in terms of delivery, providing the right quality of staff and delivering a quality service to clients that is unquestionably the best that they can get,” says Stephen. “That’s why I think Danny and the team have survived in Mace, because we see them as one of the premier players that have actually delivered what they say they’re going to do and stand up and be counted when needed.” Defined in no small part by ‘the Mace way’, Stephen and his team incorporate a simple but effective mantra into everything they do – to find ‘a better way’ for their clients.

With a range of ISO accreditations and more than 65 offices worldwide, it isn’t difficult to appreciate the calibre with which they approach each and every project they are a part of. Following our first collaboration with the company we quickly established an effective relationship, where core values were shared and a great degree of trust was instilled.“In all things, delivering to time is essential, but more and more now, it’s about delivering to time and to quality, because time passes, but quality is always there,” says Pycroft.

“We’re pleased to say that one of the key criteria of Danny and the team is that they deliver a quality product at the end of the day. Whether it’s The Shard, the Olympics or Terminal 5, we tend to call and make sure that Lucas is there because they deliver time and time again to a standard that cannot be beaten in the industry.”

From there, we at Lucas have become a key partner of the group, aligning ourselves alongside this £1.3billion industry standard organisation. With a rich and rewarding history already built up, there’s no telling how far we will go and what exciting projects we will collaborate on in the future.

One thing that is certain, however, is the continuation of a relationship that will hopefully remain strong for many years to come.